Friday, December 18, 2015

Holiday Season Happenings

    I hope you all are enjoying this holiday season as I am.  I had family visiting last weekend. As we and our children age, it is more difficult for my sisters and brother to all get together so last weekend was special.

   I am now the owner of a small condo near granddaughters and this week I have been painting and planning for some other work to make it my own. The new paint color (on the left) is just a little lighter but fresh. 

   I have enjoyed spending some time with granddaughters also.  One afternoon I did find the time to pull out my black, white and red scraps for some improvisational sewing.  These blocks are in the log cabin format. 

     If I don't post again before Christmas,  I .....Wish All a Blessed Merry Christmas!

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