2013-14 UFO Challenge

  For Greater Columbia Quilters' UFO Challenge following is my list of UFO projects. 
 The order of my list does not indicate the order that I plan to finish them.
(Q) indicates quilt tops that only need quilting.  If I worked on finishing them first, I would get very tired of quilting.  I prefer alternating quilting with piecing.  I hope to avoid the temptation to start a new quilting project for at least a couple of months.

1.      16 Patch w/Trapunto  (Q)  Nov 2013

3.      Green/ Yellow/ Purple Orphans (Q)  Dec 2013
4.      Blue & white orphans  (Q)

5.      Chopped Flowers   June 2014
6.      Pinecone Mystery    Sept 2014    
7.      Blue & White Day Bee Mystery  (Q)
8.      T-shirt quilt   Feb 2014
9.      Tropical 4 Patch Swirl
10.   Bunny wall-hanging     Dec 2013
11.   GA UFO  (Q)
12.   Angotti workshop Fans
13.   3D dogwoods
14.   Half-log Strings
15.   String Spider Webs
16.   Cardinal wall-hanging     March 2014
17.   D Hire workshop blocks      Jan 2014 

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