Saturday, June 24, 2017

Crafting Week with Granddaughters

     This has been a week of Grandma Camp with my granddaughters and lots of fun crafts.  They have enjoyed time making things as well as playing with dolls.  They made a birdbath by gluing tiles to a tin pie pan (from Goodwill) 

and then filling in with grout.  It is lovely. Sorry this photo does not show the bright colored tiles. 

They each made sock monkey heads (directions from American Girl crafts).

  Since there was a pair of socks leftover from the package purchased to make the Sock Monkey heads, Mattie asked to sew a whole sock monkey. I was apprehensive because I thought she would become too frustrated.  She is becoming a great sewer and did a super job! 

I provided directions, marking and pinning.  She did all the machine and hand sewing and stuffing.

Lily insisted on doing some sewing like big sister so I helped her sew a doll quilt.

     The younger granddaughter had cooking camp in the mornings so the older granddaughter and I had some craft time for more complicated crafts.  Mattie used paint markers to decorate a mini china tea set. The blank was leftover from her Great Grandmother and one tea cup has flowers painted by her.  

     For Thursday night family supper the girls made guacamole which Lily had learned to make at cooking camp.  We also spiralized zucchini which was delicious stir fried.  We tried ribbon cut spiralizing sweet potatoes but that did not go well.

    I set up Mattie’s sewing machine next to mine so we both could work and I found time to turn hand embroidered pillowcases done by a great-great aunt into pillowcase tops for the girls.

Hope you get to enjoy some sewing or quilting time.

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