Monday, August 15, 2016

One of Those Days

     I recently had one of those days when several things just did not go right.  I planned to add a wide border to a top of made-fabric blocks.  I was inspired by a quilt by Victoria Findlay Wolfe in her book 15 Minutes of Play – Improvisational Quilts. I measured and had fabric to cut the borders lengthwise without piecing.  It sat for a few days until I decided to add them.  Wouldn’t you know, I did not think about my plan and cut strips crosswise. Once I cut one I had to continue and seam pieces together. The top is done even though it does not look as neat as I had planned.  It is a full size bed version of my green made-fabric lap quilt.

     I finished quilting the large block comfort quilt for my church.

 I quilted in a large simple meander but it was a struggle because of thread breaks and tension problems at the end.  I changed the needle a couple of times and I am still not sure what the problem is so the next quilt top will wait until it is solved.

Enjoy some time sewing and quilting!

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