Monday, December 23, 2013

Celtic Solstice Step 4

Bonnie planned well for the holiday activity.  With all the busyness, this week was the easiest step so far -sewing 4 patches.  

Even though I sew with a quarter-inch foot, I did some sliver trimming so my blocks will finish a perfect 3”.  I would rather sliver trim than have them too small. 

Step 4 is ALL finished.

I even had time to work more on step 2: 80 chevrons finished - 40 more to piece.

I have followed Bonnie’s advice so I stopped working on one step to start the new step.  My step 1 needs some work also; but when Bonnie is ready for us to start putting units together, I should have enough to see how this mystery will turn out. 

I’m linking up so you can check out how others are working on Bonnie’s Celtic Solstice Mystery quilt.  I enjoy seeing how some have chosen different colors .  You can also download the directions for later if you don't want to work on this now.  

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  1. They look good! Won't it be interesting to see how they all go together?