Monday, April 1, 2013

Sandwiching Quilts

     When I have a twin size quilt top or larger to sandwich, I usually use my church fellowship hall floor to spread out and baste.  Today the church was closed so I didn't think I would get it done until later in the week.  I watched a Craftsy class online where Cindy Needham was showing how to sandwich a quilt on a small table.  I decided to try on my new cutting table, and it worked great.

I went by Walmart for some middle size binder chips.  They fit over the edge of my table.  I also bought a couple of packages of Coleman tablecloth clips so at church with thicker tables, we can clip which works better than using only tape. You do still have to use some painter's tape.  I used the table twice and sandwiched the smaller golf coin top also.

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