Monday, April 15, 2013

Quilting in Progress

     My sister and I make a full size bed quilt for each niece or nephew when they graduate from college.  We have a niece graduating in May.  Some months ago we each made framed squares in a variety of sizes and my sister put the top together.  I finally sandwiched it.  In the past when I needed to sandwich a large quilt, I would use my church fellowship hall floor.  After watching a video of Cindy Needham, I was inspired to use my extendable cutting table. 
Here the center of the backing is clamped down.

It takes some time to baste each section then move the sandwich to baste the next section but I could do it all at home and not get down on the floor. 
Here the quilt is all basted.

     I struggled with how to quilt this quilt and finally decided on wavy Vs stitched with the walking foot. The series of echoed Vs all point toward the center.  Here is a close up of some of the quilting.

Here is a photo of the sandwiched top.  It is so large this is the best photo I can take for now.

  I got the idea for this quilt from one of Helen's quilts at Patchy Work of Mini Grey.  Our large squares are 18".

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