Monday, February 18, 2013

Quilting On Hold For Smocking

   My quilting projects are on hold for right now so I can make matching smocked Easter dresses for my granddaughters.  I have pleated and blocked the front panels so they are ready.

I was trying to decide what colors to use in the smocking and my sister suggested I try some colors out to see what looked best so I pleated a scrap which I think I can use for a doll dress.  Irene thought green would be good for the background smocking but I don't think it shows up enough.  Then I tried purple which I like much better.  I still need to pick an accent color that will pop. I used purple as an accent on the green at the top and it blends too much.  I used yellow as an accent with the purple on the bottom.  I still plan to try out a bright pink with the purple.  

   After I really get to smocking, I may have to take some breaks for quilting.  
Happy Presidents' Day!  Check out some sales. 

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