Sunday, February 10, 2013

Another Finish

    I feel so good about finishing projects and scratching them off my list.  Yesterday I finished 2 more Valentine mug rugs.  I decided a new name for them could be "snack mat" since they are smaller than a placemat.

    This afternoon while watching some Netflix and then a little Bonnie Hunter webcam, I finished handsewing the binding onto the "orphan pinwheels no more".   I have not shown the last quilting I did of the borders so here are a couple of pictures.  I thought of grass as I quilted the floral border.  Probably not the best choice but it is not being taken out.  I used the walking foot to echo a few straight lines.

In the outer most border I changed to matching burgundy thread so it is not easy to see on the front.  On the back beige part you can see I  stitched free-motion what Leah Day calls Echo Shortcut.  I have used it on several quilts and like it.
   Here is the finish.  I like it especially because of all the different FMQ designs I used and the fact that I started with orphan blocks and planned a quilt around them.

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