Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One Block UFO

     What do you do when you piece a quilt top and don’t like it?  I pulled out a UFO to start working on again.  I had bought the fabric on sale and I was not crazy about it.  It has an oriental red background.  Months ago I used it for a “one block wonder” which used the stack and whack technique and equilateral triangles.  After I got it pieced, I just did not like it and put it away.  Then I inspired to use it and try a technique that Cynthia Corbin  ( http://www.cynthiacorbin.com/   ) shared at the NC Quilt Symposium.  She called it “Structure and Variations”.  

First I took a digital photo of the top.  This is what it looked like.

Then I printed the photo, drew lines, cut it up and taped to purple construction paper.  This was my plan. 

Yesterday I finally laid out the top and used a metal measuring tape and a rolling chalk marker to mark the cutting lines.

I cut strips of purple ( 2” , 2 ½ ”, 3 ½” wide ) and bravely cut up the pieced top.

 I pieced in the purple strips graduating the width.
Adding the last strip through the middle vertically was the toughest.

Next I had to square up the new pieced top.  I was not scared when I first sliced it up but now I was scared to cut.  After a few words of encouragement from my sister, I cut.  Now I am please with how it looks, much better than before.  I have plans for borders and may tackle them tomorrow.   

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  1. You were brave, Elizabeth! Now it looks quite "artsy" and I will be interested to see what you do for the border.