Monday, June 6, 2011

Back to Quilting Projects

The past several days I just could not get motivated to work on a quilt project.  Instead I’ve worked in the yard, cleaned house and other nonproductive activities.  Today I actually got a lot of sewing done including a little on a quilt project.  I made 2 summer tops for my granddaughter.  When she and her family visit next weekend, I will find out how they fit.   One is for her to where to Braves baseball games and the other is a simple tank top and shrug in her favorite color.

I searched through my stash of specialty fabric and found a few things I thought fit the neighborhood theme of the round robin project.  I added baseballs kids and a dog.  I need a lot more things.  This also gave me the opportunity to practice my needleturn appliqué skills. 

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