Saturday, March 12, 2011

Quilt Storage Bags

     This morning while waiting for it to warm up so I could work outside I made 2 more quilt storage bags out of unbleached muslin.  Last night I found my stash of 36” wide muslin and decided it would be perfect for pillowcase style bags.  I cut pieces 40 ½” long, made a 4” hem along the selvedge edge and then stitched French seams to form the pillowcase.  I made 4 last evening and have already filled them with class sample quilts and others that needed storage.
     My son, John, and I did a lot of yard work.  We trimmed some tree limbs, cut back lantanas and butterfly bush, and cleaned some flower beds.  He mowed front and back yards.  I swept out part of the garage.  The yard looks great.  He has earned some relaxed reading time and I’ve earned some fun time playing with fabric.

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