Friday, March 4, 2011

Borders Attached, Handwork and More

    Yesterday I attached the borders for the class practice quilt stopping at ¼”, so it is waiting until class next week to do the final stitching of the miter so I can demo.  In this photo I have the miter folded in place.  This will be a very nice comfort quilt when donated.

    Because I had to change allergist and start my shots over with new serum, I have had to spend at least an hour a week waiting in the allergist’s waiting room so I decided to take along some handwork.   These are some of the hand appliqué blocks I have done recently.  Eventually they will be part of a child’s quilt.   I prepared the pieces with freezer paper templates, starched the edges and pressed with a hot iron then removed the freezer paper.  This method works great for gentle curves.  The problem is that some of the animal shapes have tiny parts, which don’t do well.  These I have tried to needle turn which is not my strong skill.

     Last night I also spent a couple of hours planning for the move of my sewing room.  I am changing my current sewing room back to a bedroom and changing my current den into my sewing room.  I drew the rooms to scale and pieces of furniture I want in the rooms.  Then I played with the pieces to try out various layouts.  These changes will also necessitate changes to my living room arrangement, which I am finding the toughest. 

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