Sunday, August 17, 2014

Two More Tops Complete

      This has been a good weekend for sewing.  I finished piecing the Maverick Star top for GCQ comfort quilts.  

 Next week is guild comfort quilts sew day.  I will take it for batting and backing to be fitted so it can be given to someone else to quilt it.  I would, but my stack of quilts waiting is out of control.  I was making some progress on my UFO list for the guild UFO challenge until recently.  
     I added a plain border to the 3D Tumbling Blocks so that top is also finished. 

 It will wait for quilting.  I’m not sure how many finished tops are waiting but I know it is too many.  It is much easier to spend the day piecing.  When I quilt, I enjoy mostly doing free-motion.  It takes time to choose and practice the design to be quilted.  
      Enjoy working on some sewing and quilting projects . . . or just relax. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sharing and Wonky Stars

    Tuesday morning was GCQ Day Bee hosted by Rosina.  We enjoyed a great time of sharing with a little show and tell.  Beverly has been making table runners for gifts.  She found some beautiful fall fabric and adapted a pattern that she liked. 

She bought this tote bag made of gum wrappers by crafters in a third world country. 

In the afternoon I made more wonky stars for an adult comfort quilt.  I am using fabric squares from a guild kit.  Half is pieced and another fourth is on my design wall. I love these stars.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Cloth Doll Weekend

     I spent a long weekend visiting my sister Irene.   She quilts but this time we had our own cloth doll workshop.  Irene has made various dolls before and had a couple of books on cloth dolls.  We used a pattern from Cloth Doll Workshop by 3 designers.  We chose a doll pattern by Patti Medaris Culea.  In the photo you can see one of Irene’s finished dolls and our 2 in progress. 

      Even though we started using the same basic pattern, we used different fabric styles.  I
used an upholstery trim for hair.  Here I am hand sewing it on.  

Here her body is finished.
Now she has on an outfit and shoes.  I used parts of old t-shirts for her shirt and pants.   I might give her earrings and paint her fingernails.  

       This was my first cloth doll so I learned a lot.  There are things about her that I don’t like ( the angle of her head) and I will do some differently next time.  I used many of Irene’s supplies so I need to gather my own to make another on my own.

     Now maybe I will get back to quilting projects for awhile. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Playing with Irregular Scraps

     Several years ago I took Bonnie Hunter’s workshop on crumb piecing and fell in love.  A crumb is a small, maybe even irregular shaped, scrap of fabric.  I save down to 1 1/4”.  Then I found the work of Victoria Findlay Wolfe.  She extends the use of scraps to create not just blocks but larger pieces of fabric ( which she calls “made-fabric” ) from which you cut units for traditional quilt blocks.  I will be teaching a 2 evening class at Midlands Tech - Harbison campus starting Thusday, Aug. 14. Click for details

     I am inspired by the work of Victoria Findlay Wolfe.  Not long ago I created “made-fabric” and pieced a giant hexagon flower.  The flower is sewn together but I have been struggling with background and border.  I am definitely playing with this quilt top.  There is no pattern and the plan keeps changing.

First I tried piecing 3 D tumbling blocks but the ”made-fabric” flower become lost.
Next I thought I would simply applique the flower to a dark blue background or add another ”made-fabric” round to make it larger.  I spent a day or two playing in my blue crumbs and scraps to piece blue ”made-fabric”.  It was too strong next to the hexie flower. 

I still LOVE ”made-fabric” so decided to try red ”made-fabric”.  I like it better but again too strong.

Sister Irene suggested a softer background color so I finally pulled a light green print from my stash.

The flower edges have been turned over 2 layers of freezer paper and starch basted so it is ready to be sewn to the background. 

   You may remember the tumbling block hexies.  Well, they have been sewn together and appliqued to a print background fabric.  They may become a lap size comfort quilt or I may add borders to make it twin size.  It just went into my UFO pile.  

     Hope you find some time to play with your fabric. 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Plan for Strings and Scraps

      While I was out of town I enjoyed some leisure time sewing and came home with 36 string blocks that will finish at 6”.   Yesterday I started wondering how to use them.  At first I thought of using them as a quilt border.

Or maybe use them to make larger block units.

     Then I remembered a quilt in Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling which she named “Wild Child”.   I worked in EQ and now have a plan for my string blocks - not necessarily the border colors. 
 I made 6 more so that I now have 42 which is all the string units I will need for a queen size bed quilt 84 by 96” with simple borders.
I made enough scrappy HSTs to piece one block.  Victoria F. Wolfe calls the block an “Anvil”.
 I will need to make 420 HST units to complete the 42 anvil blocks which will be a good leader/ender project. I'm in no rush to finish but it is great to have a plan for them.  I have plenty of other UFOs I need to work on.

As I trimmed up my string blocks, I put the scraps aside for pet bed stuffing along with scraps of batting.

I have finished one such pet bed.  That is a much better use than throwing them in the trash.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beginning Sewer and String Piecing

      I arrived home to find part of my street being paved 
and my home AC not cooling, but my trip was great.  I enjoyed spending time with my granddaughters and found time to give the older one a couple of sewing lessons. 

First she practiced stitching following a stripe on printed fabric.  Then she made a sundress for a doll.  It required 5 seams.  I ran the foot control most of the time.  She used a pattern to cut out the pieces, marked the armhole, sewed the seams and inserted the ribbon in the neck casing.

    When I had my own time and was not needed to take care of the girls, I enjoyed some string piecing.  The blocks have not been trimmed yet but I made 36 blocks that will finish at 6”.  I have plenty of strings left to make more. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Not Much Sewing Going On

       Within the next hour I will be headed to spend some more time with my lovely granddaughters 

 and family so may not post much for the next week.  Not much sewing or quilting has gone on this past week in preparing for my trip.  The made-fabric hexagons are on hold as well as other quilting projects.
 I have decided not to use the 3 part hexagons with the made-fabric hexagons because they took the eye away. I’m not sure what else I will add.
The older granddaughter has requested a sewing lesson so I hope we can find the time and I plan to share photos.    

    Enjoy the last part of your summer and hope you can find some time to sew or quilt!