Friday, January 13, 2017

Finished Is Better Than Perfect

 My Blue, Yellow, Green Sampler is finally finished. It started with a Hancock Fabrics BOM kit purchased in 2005.  I finally pieced the BOM blocks in August of 2016.  You can see them here I really like them set on-point with sashing. I used a fluffy wool batting which caused some issues with the quilting and this quilt may benefit from blocking although I have never blocked one.  Even though not perfect, it will be warm on my bed. 
This is the best photo I could get with limited space in my kitchen. Sorry the bottom corners are cut off. 

   I quilted a custom design in each sampler block.  Here are a few that I like most.   

    Wednesday was comfort quilt sew day for my church group.  I added the borders and finished this quilt top.  The center stack and slash blocks were someone’s UFO that they gifted.  I had several packs of purchased cream cording which have been in the drawer for years.  It adds a special accent to the borders.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend with a little sewing and quilting.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Quilting Plan for 2017

    My quilting plan for 2017 has been formed and is in progress.  I have prioritized 6 UFOs for the new year ( 3 are complete tops ).  I hope to start the year by quilting the 3 and get them finished.  
    The quilting for my Blue, Yellow, Green sampler is in progress.  I started by ditch quilting.  Then I paused to plan a custom design for each sampler block.  Here are sketches of the plans.   

First I found the block in EQ or drew it.  I printed the block outline and planned a continuous line motif that I liked.   Quilting continues.

2017 UFO List

1  Blue, Yellow, and Green Sampler- BOM kit purchased 2005

2  Green/blue Made-fabric quilt – top pieced 2016

3  Blue & White Mystery -  top pieced Sept. 2012

4  Made-fabric Hexagons – center pieced in Nov. 2014

5  Red, White & Blue  Star  - begun Aug. 2015

6  Score 1 – begun May 2016

There are numerous other partial projects, but I will be very pleased if these get finished.
I’m participating in the 2017 Finish-A-Long with Rhonda’s ( Quilt) Ramblings to motivate me for more completed quilts.

Make some time for sewing and quilting.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Scraps in 2017

    My quilting plan for 2017 has been formed. I have prioritized 7 UFOs for the new year ( 3 only need quilting) and 1 new project that has been in the planning for a couple of years.  The 1st is to finish quilting my Blue, Yellow, Green sampler.  The ditch quilting is done but each block wants a custom design and I am working contemplating what to do. 
When I needed a break, I turned to blog reading for inspiration which led me to Cynthia’s blog and her Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 
I love scraps and wanted to play some so this was great timing.  January’s color is purple.  I already had some purple made-fabric and pieced another purple heart block.
If you love scraps, you might think about joining in. I hope to end the year with at least a couple of rainbow scrap quilts.

Somehow I found my way to this 16-patch star quilt by ScrapboxQuilts 

It reminded me of the wonky, maverick stars I have made in the past and decided to use my stash of 4 1/2” squares to make one.  I wanted all the 15 purple squares to be different so I had to dig and even cut a few more.  

Enjoy time sewing or quilting!

Monday, January 2, 2017

First Finish of 2017

   This small quilt is my first finish for 2017.  All it needed was machine quilting and adding the binding which I hand sewed.  It is the class sample for the JoAnn Fabric beginner class this Saturday.  Because it is for beginners, I did mostly walking foot quilting.  I did do a simple point-to-point FM motif in each block.

   As I looked back at my sewing for 2016, I estimated the thread I used by the spools of thread I emptied.  I first did this in 2014 with 18,700 yds but I must not have counted at the end of 2015 because today I counted 91 empty spools of various sizes for 38,035 yds which is more than twice that of 2014. 

Is it unfair that I also counted these 2 spools because they do not have enough thread to fill a bobbin?

    My goals for 2017 include finishing more UFOs and using fabric in a variety of projects to reduce my stash. I will be pleased if I can accomplish these.

Have a productive New Year and enjoy time sewing and quilting!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last Finishes of the Year

       As 2016 is coming to an end I wanted to finish what I could.  I finished the quilting and binding on 2 children’s comfort quilts which GCQ guild will donate to the children’s hospital.  I used many leftover pieces of binding for a wonderful scrappy binding that suits these quilts.  Many guild members appliqued the puppy blocks and there are many more blocks waiting to be pieced into quilts. 

In 2016 I finished 7 comfort quilts for GCQ guild + 2 adult tops
                           10 comfort quilts for church SQG
                           9 for myself, friends and family + many mug rugs and 1 set of 4 placemats
I have not completed as many quilts as last year; however, I have stayed busy including sewing for my granddaughters and their 18” dolls.

    As I prepare for 2017 I plan to take stock of all other pieced tops waiting for quilting and prioritize my UFOs for 2017 finishing.  Another goal is to use up as much of my fabric stash as possible.  The bed size blue, yellow and green quilting was paused for the holidays so I hope to get back to it soon.  There is also one small quilt sandwiched and waiting.   It will take priority since it is the class sample for the JoAnn Fabric class next week. 

Have a safe Happy New Year and enjoy time sewing and quilting!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Preparing for 2017

    Like many quilters and sewers I have a LARGE stash of fabric.  To prepare for the New Year, I worked to organize my stash.  When I first started quilting, I made 2 flannel “quillows” and planned to make a flannel rag quilt.  The rag quilt never got made as I learned new techniques. Years ago when I bought this flannel I did not prewash.  Now I wash all new fabric before it is put away. I washed multiple loads of flannel pieces.  Not sure how I will use them, but they are ready.  

    Next I sandwiched 3 small quilts.  The 2 puppy quilts are made of blocks collected at guild for the Children’s Hospital.  

The Ohio Star quilt is a class sample for JoAnn Fabrics.  I have a beginner class scheduled for early January. 

I found 3 more children’s small quilt tops waiting to be quilted.  I need to get back to work quilting the bed size Yellow, Blue and Green UFO I was working on before the holidays.  I have been tempted but am trying not to start a big new project until I get another UFO finished. I need to stop starting small projects also. I have plenty to work on in 2017.

Hope you are pleased with your accomplishments for 2016.

Let’s get ready for 2017.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Holiday Preparations

     My younger granddaughter saw one of my holiday sweaters and asked me to make her one.  I made matching Christmas sweatshirts for both granddaughters.  I fused a holiday bear from fabric and embellished them a little. 



     I also did my holiday baking.  About 40 years ago a family friend gave me her rum cake recipe.  For Christmas I have been making Rum Cakes every year since as gifts. 

   I gave the recipe to a friend and she varied the recipe making chocolate rum cakes.  This year for half I tried her variation.  My older son said he likes the original better.  Here is the recipe if you want to try it.

Rum Cake - From the kitchen of Elizabeth V Kelbaugh

Cake ingredients:
1 cup chopped pecans
1 pkg. Duncan Hines Butter Recipe mix
1 pkg. vanilla instant pudding
4 eggs
½ cup cold water
½ cup Wesson oil
½ cup dark rum (80 proof)

¼ lb. unsalted butter
¼ cup water
1 cup granulated sugar
¼ cup dark rum

Preheat oven to 3250 F.  Grease and flour 12 cup Bundt pan.  Sprinkle nuts over bottom of pan (optional mix ½ nuts in cake batter.)  Mix all ingredients together.  Pour batter over nuts.  Bake 1 hour.  Before cake come from oven, boil glaze 3 min.

Mix glaze ingredients.  Let boil 3 min. and have hot when spooned evenly over cake.  Use spoon to ease edge of cake from pan when pouring on ½ sauce.  Remove from pan immediately.  Spoon remaining sauce over top and sides.  Let stand 3 to 4 days before serving.

* I like to use 6 cup decorative Bundt pans as well as 1 cup Bundt minis as gifts. I bake the 6 cup pans about 45 min. and about 40 for the 1 cup.