Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Quilting Frustration

      I took a break from yard work to get back to quilting on the dogwood blossom quilt.  This is the design I came up with for the blossoms. 

The blossoms are now quilted but today was filled with thread break frustration.  When I free-motion quilted the light color blossoms yesterday, I had no problem. 

Today I started working on the darker blossoms with a darker pink thread.  I did not have a large spool of that color so I was using a medium size spool.  For some blossoms the thread broke 2 times before I finished that blossom. I wondered whether the multiple layers of fabric for this technique was causing the problem. 

I changed the needle; I changed the feed of the thread.  Nothing helped.  I plan to use the lighter pink thread for background quilting and I sure hope it works well like it did the other day.  I have a lot of background quilting yet to do. 
If you don't remember what the quilt looks like, here it is the before quilting. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sewing with Granddaughters

    I have not been quilting for the past week because I have been spending time with family and my granddaughters.  I worked with the 7 year old on some hand sewing. She first made herself a turtle bookpack charm.  
Then for Father's Day she made her dad a hamburger charm he can attach to his briefcase.

She enjoys many crafts and wants to make a quilt like grandma but we did not have time this visit.

Especially with the SC heat, I plan to spend time indoors sewing today.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Not Much Sewing

Progress quilting the dogwood quilt has been at a standstill.  All the leaves have been quilted and I have planned and practiced the motif for the blossoms building muscle memory for free-motion quilting. 

I had hoped to have many dogwood blossoms quilted other things have taken priority so not a one has been quilted. 

I did help out with Vacation Bible School for 2 mornings.  I helped hostess Day Bee for my guild, Greater Columbia Quilters.  They gave me some input on another UFO I pulled out.  
I sewed Wednesday for my church group. 

 I have been busy, mostly with non-quilting efforts.  My blueberries are getting ripe and so far I have picked a pint.  There will be lots more. 

Next week I also don’t expect to post any progress since I will be with my granddaughters.  Mattie says she wants to start a quilt.  I hope to chat with her to find out what to plan; maybe a rail fence quilt.  


Hope you find some time to play with scraps. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Weekend Quilting

      This weekend I have made great progress on my Dogwood quilt.  I got the Dogwood quilt sandwiched and ready for quilting. 

First I quilted with the walking foot in the ditch of the columns and the borders. 

Then I was ready to start free-motion quilting leaf veins.  Two-thirds of the leaves are quilted as I stop for the evening.
Hopefully, I can finish the leaves tomorrow after church Vacation Bible School.  I still have to finalize my plan for the quilting motif on the flowers and background, but I am happy with the leaves. 
Hope you have some time to sew or quilt.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Quilt Scrapbooks

      A few days ago I was not psychologically ready to start quilting the queen size Dogwood top.  When I was teaching the string piecing class at Creative Sewing, I mentioned my quilt scrapbook that was started about 2003.  A student suggested I bring it to class.  When I started, I tried to make fancy page layouts. 

What was one book has expanded to 3; however, since I started my blog, I have not updated them.  I pulled them out and have spent many hours the past few rainy days updating.  I have also learned more about my printer.  

     I have no idea how many quilts I have made.  Maybe someday I will sit down and count.  I had to search for some old photo files and may be missing some.   A couple of years ago I started keeping a separate notebook of charity quilts for tax records.  I have included some donated quilts in my scrapbook because I love the design or the quilting.  I have printed many quilt photos to add, so the updating is almost complete.  Now, I hope to keep them updated.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Two More Finishes

    This has been a very productive quilting weekend so far.  Today I put the finishing touches on 2 prayer/comfort quilts that are for my church quilt group.  The carpenter star is finished.  
I enjoyed quilting feathers in the diamond areas and the triangles top and bottom.  I changed to light gray thread for the purple diamonds so that the quilting shows up more.  At least I could see where I had quilted.

I simply meandered the border instead of doing more fancy quilting.

     My second finish was the squares and strips quilt made from my stash of scrap squares and strips. I did cut the white 2 ½” strips especially for this quilt.  This was a great quilt to also use scraps of leftover binding.  I simply quilted it with a large meander. 

    In the next few days, I hope to get back to finishing another UFO.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Afternoon of Quilting

       As I have done for several days recently, I spent the morning working in the yard.  After cleaning up and a short rest, I went back to quilting on the carpenter star quilt.  I have meandered all of the background and stitched-in-the-ditch to outline the center star and both inside and outside edge of the outer wheel.   

This afternoon I started free-motion quilting feathers in the star diamonds using dark gray thread. The feathers show up well on the green.  It is difficult to see the thread on the purple and that also made it more difficult to quilt because I could hardly see what I had quilted and where I needed to go. 

On the outer wheel I may find a purple thread or another color for the purple diamond
Tomorrow will be another great day for piecing or quilting!