Friday, June 22, 2018

Comfort Quilt Finish

       I love using scraps to “make fabric” and this lap size pattern is a great place to show off made-fabric pieces or a large print.  The pattern is “Baker’s Dozen” by Sherri B Driver and was a web bonus at McCalls Quilting for March/April 2013.  I simplified the frames around the made-fabric.

     I quilted Leah Day’s Echo Shortcut motif in the made-fabric areas. 
I stitched-in-the-ditch the frames and meandered the background. 
     This was an easy pattern and I plan to use it again to show off made-fabric pieces, maybe even for a queen size quilt.

Stay cool and enjoy time sewing or quilting.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Finished Quilt and Costume

      The binding is on the Scrap Dance Waltz quilt.  It was good TV time hand sewing the back side. (In previous post I shared where the pattern came from.
I quilted a double wishbone motif in the border for the first time. 
I am pleased with all except the corners.  I quilted an echoed swirl over the rest. 

      My younger granddaughter requested a new Super Girl costume so she can have a Super Hero birthday party.  That is done. 
Hope it fits well.  Normally I love Simplicity patterns; however, this one I had to make twice to get one to fit.  The pattern is ONLY written for very stretchy material and not really proportioned for children.  

      This was scheduled to be a church quilt group morning; however, Family Promise needed our room so we changed the date.  Since the change a member invited us to her home for breakfast and to see her garden.  Everything was lovely and delicious.  I shared some Gaillardia plants from my garden. 
Hope they will add as much lovely color to her garden; not that her garden needs them, she has a large beautiful garden. 

Enjoy some time sewing or quilting.


Friday, June 8, 2018

Quilting Progress

    Even though I have spent a couple of mornings working in the yard, I have made progress quilting projects.  I finished the quilting on Love Multiplied and donated it to the church quilt group. This quilt pattern looks fairly simple.  It is except that it is set on-point and you need to layout the whole quilt before you start sewing.

    Then I started quilting my Scrap Dance Waltz quilt from the mystery in 2016 From My Carolina Home blog.  Check her blog to find out more about the mystery quilts she offers.  I only have the border left to quilt.  Sorry the quilting does not show up in this photo.

Enjoy time sewing or quilting.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Not Much Sewing Time for Me

    Since school is out and parents are working, I have granddaughters for Grandma Camp for a couple of weeks in the summer.  This is week one.  So far the girls have done the sewing instead of me.  Mattie free-motion meandered about 1/3 of her first quilt which is lap size. 

She is doing a great job with the aid of the Bernina stitch regulator.

Both have sewn pillowcases - Lily’s first sewn with grandma’s assistance.

They have also done some hand embroidery.

    Of course, they have played with dolls, played at the park when weather permitted (lots of rain so far), made balloon animals,
 made Stickies (a type of cinnamon roll biscuit) and Eskimo cookies.
    Thursday afternoon was nice and sunny so they played outside and built a castle with their PVC construction set.  Dolls were also involved as princesses.

    I really enjoy spending time with them.  We have other crafts and cooking planned.  When I take them home, I have been relaxing instead of sewing. 

Hope you enjoy time sewing or quilting if not enjoying time with family.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

UFO Finished - Lemoyne Star

        In the summer of 2013 I purchased a giant diamond ruler and started playing.  I had been given some bandana seconds. I was able to stack 8 and pin match “stack ‘n whack” style
to cut diamond shapes for Lemoyne stars.  Then they sat.

       In 2014 Nancy Zieman on her show “Sewing with Nancy” showed creative design options for a quick lone star.  That inspired me to get back to work with my bandana stars for my own version. I finally finished piecing the top in October 2017 and FINALLY it is quilted and finished. 

      I did mostly free-motion with a variety of design motifs and 3 colors of thread.  I am not 100% happy with the quilting, but I’m happy it is finished.  It may become a Quilt of Valor but not yet.

Hope you enjoy time sewing or quilting if you are not out enjoying the weather and family.
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Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday Finish

     I finished the quilting and binding on this big block quilt. 
The pattern is the January Giant Block from Kitchen Table Quilting.  They have been sharing one each month.  I used the 36” block set on-point which finishes at 50”; however, I added a top and bottom border to make a rectangle quilt 50” by 58”.

    I started back quilting on another in-progress lap quilt that I used for Angela Walters’ Free-Motion Challenge Quilt Along. I should have it finished in a day or two. It has been fun and challenging to try lots of different designs in the various blocks.

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Enjoy time sewing or quilting.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Doll Backpacks and Some Quilting

       My granddaughters love to play that their 18” dolls are going to school.  They have been using plastic grocery bags to carry their school supplies. I have a cute pattern for Zoo Animal Backpacks from PixieFaire.  This morning I decided to make 2 doll backpacks. I used fabric and zippers from my stash so only bought some 15 mm eyes. 
       First I made the penguin. 
He is not perfect but very cute. 
My second try was better. I made the monkey and made sure to line up the front and back better. 

It is not a beginner pattern but the directions are good.  You do have to sew 2 zippers in each.
Aren’t they cute?  Now I am looking for some little books to fit in them. 

      I am almost finished quilting a lap quilt for my guild challenge to use a large print fabric. I only used the large print for the center of this big block quilt.  (Pattern is from Kitchen Table Quilting except I added top and bottom border to make a rectangle. )
In the setting triangles I decided to try a combination of new quilting motifs.  The rose (which is in the large print) is a design by Lori Kennedy. Here is a link to her tutorial.  
 The leafy motif I just made up to mimic some leaves in the center fabric.   Three corners are quilted.

 I only do one corner a day so one more day of quilting.

Enjoy time sewing or quilting when you are not out enjoying the spring weather.