Tuesday, March 24, 2015

This and That

This is the week for many sewing group meetings.  Monday was Quilt Mavens.  Mary brought this giraffe quilt and asked whether it needed a mane.  We agreed that it did and it is very cute. 

This morning at Comfort Quilts many of us worked on quilting with a walking foot on children’s quilts.  Our guild donates to the local children’s hospital and they want more.  I did not finish but made good progress.  In the afternoon, I decided to make the bunny pouch that my granddaughter requested. 

                                      Here is the back. 

In May I will be presenting a program and workshop for my sister’s guild on “using made-fabric”.   I need more samples so I pulled out some pieces and made a few more anvil blocks with a made-fabric centers.  I love these.  

Tomorrow is sew day for my church quilt group but I hope to spend time cutting up scraps into usable units.   

Enjoy some sewing and quilting time! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Celebrate Quilting

     This is a great weekend for celebrating quilting.  “The Quilt Show” and sponsors are offering free viewing of 15 seasons of their videos.  Hope you take advantage of some.  I have today while I pieced.   I enjoy watching for inspiration and ideas and learn new techniques.

     Thursday evening was the fifth and final class for my beginners 2 block quilt.  I am disappointed to say I only have 1 photo and that thanks to Kay.  For important occasions I need to check the batteries in my camera ahead of time.   Here is Carol’s quilt.

 I stopped her from sewing on the binding so I could take a photo.  Every one squared up their quilts and started sewing on binding. 
    Most of my students said they would share photos when they finish the binding.  I look forward to seeing them. 

*Update*   Natalie just emailed me a photo of her finished first quilt and she is planning for her second.  Great job and thanks for sharing!

Enjoy a weekend of sewing and quilting!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week's Accomplishements

    The past week had a lot going on but I did find time to sew some every day.  I made a new small coiled fabric bowl which has been donated to Midlands Tech as a door prize.

      Last Thursday night’s beginner 2 block class went well but I was so busy helping students sandwich their quilts, I forgot to take pictures.  I have quilted one of my 2 block samples but plan to use it to demonstrate squaring up and sewing on the binding so it is unfinished for now.

       Saturday morning I taught one beginner the introductory block at JoAnn Fabrics.  Marilyn did an excellent job on her block. 

     I just finished a sample string quilt for a Creative Sewing Center class.  It was suggested I make a sample for those who do not know what string quilts are.  The class will make this exact quilt but explore making various string blocks. This is just one type.  It is a wonderful way to use scraps.

I put this together very quickly and wish I had put the purple border on the bottom instead of the green, but is finished.  

Monday, March 9, 2015

Getting Back to Quilting

     After 4 days of visiting with family out of town and 4 days of illness after coming home, I am finally getting back to quilting.  I have spent the day quilting on the nurses’ wall-hanging and am glad it is finished.  The embellishments they added really restricted the quilting that could be done.  First I stitched-in-the-ditch for the sashing and border.  I meandered in blocks that I could.  I had to do each block differently and some would not allow much quilting.
quilting in progress


     When visiting with granddaughters, they tried on their new dresses which were a hit.  They were a little large but comfortable.  Better too large than too small.  They enjoyed showing them off dancing.

I also put the finishing touches on the Statue of Liberty costume. 

   This will be a busy week with Day Bee for GCQ guild Tuesday, SQG Wednesday, Free-motion quilting class and Beginner Quilt class Thursday.  I was very sorry to miss last Thursday night’s class but they did not want me to give them what I had.  It is good to feel better and be back to quilting. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Progress on Wallhanging from Nurses' Blocks

       A few weeks ago I was asked to help finish a wall-hanging for Palmetto Health Hospitals.  Last year for Nurses Week about 70 nurses contributed blocks to be put into wall-hanging.  They are not typical quilt blocks because of the types of materials they used and the variety of unique embellishments added.
      I have added blue sashing and a small border.
Today I sandwiched it and am ready to add some quilting.  I was concerned about being able to add enough quilting with all the embellishments on some blocks but an art quilting friend and my art quilting sister suggested using a fusible batting which I have done.
      I am looking for 2 volunteers to sew together 2 more wall-hanging tops from the rest of the blocks.  They will also need some type of quilting.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Beginner Quilt Class at MTC

    Thursday evening was the third class for my 5 week Beginner Quilt class at Midlands Technical College.  So far the ladies have made nine patches and Friendship Star blocks.  Following are a few samples.
I love Lynn's bright fabrics.  She is not so sure about them.

Natalie's are the very opposite with her soft blues.

Kay is using rich black and green.

I'm sorry I missed getting a photo of Carol's blocks because we were running out of time.  I will try harder next week when they will add borders and sandwich to start quilting this small lap quilt.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Soft Art Dolls

     Last August my sister Irene and I had our own doll making workshop at her home.  She had made several dolls before but wanted to try new patterns and techniques.  I had never made a soft art doll so needed her help.  I also wanted to make a doll for a different purpose.  I have 2 granddaughters with whom I want to share them.  My first doll is still sitting on my shelf in her first and (so far) only outfit. 

    Irene recently finished her doll that we started in August. 
From looking at both dolls it is hard to imagine that they are made from the same pattern, except that I made grouped fingers and Irene made individual fingers.  She added so many embellishments.


It is wonderful to have a creative talented sister.  I love her garden doll.