Friday, June 12, 2015

Not Much Sewing

Progress quilting the dogwood quilt has been at a standstill.  All the leaves have been quilted and I have planned and practiced the motif for the blossoms building muscle memory for free-motion quilting. 

I had hoped to have many dogwood blossoms quilted other things have taken priority so not a one has been quilted. 

I did help out with Vacation Bible School for 2 mornings.  I helped hostess Day Bee for my guild, Greater Columbia Quilters.  They gave me some input on another UFO I pulled out.  
I sewed Wednesday for my church group. 

 I have been busy, mostly with non-quilting efforts.  My blueberries are getting ripe and so far I have picked a pint.  There will be lots more. 

Next week I also don’t expect to post any progress since I will be with my granddaughters.  Mattie says she wants to start a quilt.  I hope to chat with her to find out what to plan; maybe a rail fence quilt.  


Hope you find some time to play with scraps. 

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