Friday, March 20, 2015

Celebrate Quilting

     This is a great weekend for celebrating quilting.  “The Quilt Show” and sponsors are offering free viewing of 15 seasons of their videos.  Hope you take advantage of some.  I have today while I pieced.   I enjoy watching for inspiration and ideas and learn new techniques.

     Thursday evening was the fifth and final class for my beginners 2 block quilt.  I am disappointed to say I only have 1 photo and that thanks to Kay.  For important occasions I need to check the batteries in my camera ahead of time.   Here is Carol’s quilt.

 I stopped her from sewing on the binding so I could take a photo.  Every one squared up their quilts and started sewing on binding. 
    Most of my students said they would share photos when they finish the binding.  I look forward to seeing them. 

*Update*   Natalie just emailed me a photo of her finished first quilt and she is planning for her second.  Great job and thanks for sharing!

Enjoy a weekend of sewing and quilting!

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