Sunday, February 22, 2015

Soft Art Dolls

     Last August my sister Irene and I had our own doll making workshop at her home.  She had made several dolls before but wanted to try new patterns and techniques.  I had never made a soft art doll so needed her help.  I also wanted to make a doll for a different purpose.  I have 2 granddaughters with whom I want to share them.  My first doll is still sitting on my shelf in her first and (so far) only outfit. 

    Irene recently finished her doll that we started in August. 
From looking at both dolls it is hard to imagine that they are made from the same pattern, except that I made grouped fingers and Irene made individual fingers.  She added so many embellishments.


It is wonderful to have a creative talented sister.  I love her garden doll. 

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