Sunday, February 8, 2015

Quilt Top Rehab

      Have you ever taken on a quilt project and wondered why?  I recently finished a quilt and want to share my struggles with it.  The hand pieced top of questionable fabric was donated to my church group.  Even with its mismatched seams and problem areas, I wanted to use it at least part of it.  I separated about ¼ of it for a smaller quilt.  I added borders and thought it was looking fair until I started pressing it for quilting.  I realized that areas would not lay flat.  I bought a medium loft polyester batting to help fill the areas fullness.  I sandwiched a layer of then cotton batting with the poly.  I started the quilting by stitching in the ditch the borders I had added.  Next I free-motion quilted in medium meandering.  I had a few problems that I hope will not be noticeable.  There were a few small tucks in the piecing which I just quilted over.  I had to be careful in meandering not to add more tucks as I quilted around the fullness.  A couple of times my hopping foot got in a seam between loose stitches.  Luckily I was able to get it out and move on.  I kept telling myself that this quilt would be useful and okay.  It is finished but could still benefit from blocking.   I don’t think I will try to use the other ¾ of the top.  

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  1. From your description, you did a great job! I hate to quilt things like this but yo did a good job on it as it looks good. Have you washed it yet? I think that will help. Meandering in the center is the only way to go on one like this.