Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Non Quilt Sewing

     Recently I have been on a mission to sew non-quilt items.  I finished 2 more pet beds filled with scrap fabric and batting. 
These were donated to a local shelter called Pets Inc.  Thanks to friends who donate scraps to help fill them.

     I was describing ways to use fabric scraps and mentioned fabric bowls.  I am no way an expert.  I have made 2 but given them away so I decided to make another so I would have one to show.  I use strips about ¾” wide and wrap cotton clothesline. 
Then you start shaping the bottom of the bowl and zigzag together.
As it grows, you lift the bowl to make the sides.
 Here it is finished. 

     I spent Sunday afternoon sewing knit dresses for granddaughters.  The easy pattern is Simplicity 1435. 

I also made a cute skort (shorts attached under a skirt).  The pattern is from Children’s Corner. 

I need some new clothes but sewing for myself is not a priority or as much fun.  


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