Thursday, January 22, 2015

Student's Quilting

     I enjoy free-motion quilting ( aka FMQ ) and teach an occasional class in FMQ.  I will be teaching a one day class at Creative Sewing in March.   I want to share the work of 2 former students.  After they took my class, they went home and practiced and practiced so they could improve. 

     Martha took my class a year ago and now she is really good.  She recently quilted this pink quilt and tried many different quilting motifs in the squares.  

 I hope you can see some of the motifs she quilted.

     Peggy took my class in the fall.  She has been practicing at home on small sandwiches and this is the first quilt she has done.  

She tried out a variety of motifs in various blocks and borders. 


This is a great way to learn and improve quilting skills. 

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  1. Super,,,,there is nothing like seeing the students use the skills you gave them. Makes all the effort worthwhile. of quilting show up best when the light source "rakes" across the quilt from an angle. Try it next time.