Wednesday, December 3, 2014

One Oops, Another Success

     I have been making Christmas gifts the past couple of days and don’t want to show because a to-be-recipient may see.  For some of the gifts I am using upholstery samples that I was given several years ago and that is how my “oops” happened.  The item was almost finished and I noticed a hole. 

How did I miss that when cutting it out?  I fused fleece to the back and cut from that side so I did not take a good look at the front until too late.  The upholstery samples have been super useful.  I just need to be more careful.  I have not used them all up yet, but I have made a dent.  If you are offered some, don’t turn them down.  

    I also made a dent in my quilting fabric scraps recently.  I enjoy free-piecing scraps to “make fabric” which is what I did for the mostly blue squares. ( It's a technique from Victoria Findlay Wolfe.)  This quilt top is currently 52” by 64”.  
As it is would be a good size for a comfort quilt, unless I decide to make it larger. My collection of tops waiting to be quilted is growing.  I better get busy quilting.

Back to working on Christmas gifts.  Are you ready?

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