Sunday, November 23, 2014

Update on Projects

     As the holiday season begins with Thanksgiving this week and Christmas close behind, I am distracted by events and my work on quilting projects may be more erratic.  I took the time to finish piecing another child’s comfort quilt top.  It used all scraps.  Some irregular, some standard size cuts like 3 ½ squares and 2 ½” strips. I just sewed what I knew would make a 12” finished block.
 I actually have 4 more squares left which will be the start of another top. 

    I also enjoyed some time working on my made-fabric hexagon top. ( Check out the work of Victoria Findlay Wolfe.) I added a breaker border, round of made-fabric flying geese and another breaker border.  I want this quilt to be full or queen size so it needs a couple more rounds.  I am still searching or considering what new technique to try for the next round. 

     Friday after Thanksgiving is the special day if you are looking forward to seeing how Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt for this year will start.  I hope to find a few minutes to sew or quilt each day even if I don’t find time to post. 

Enjoy a wonderful day of Thanksgiving!

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