Monday, November 3, 2014

Update on Projects in Progress

  I thought I would share where the work is on several projects.  I have finished 2 star pads and plan to make more.

You can check out check out this post with more details about where to find the directions.  I did quilt the largest star outline.  

The Seminole top is together and waiting for the next meeting of SQG.

   The Friday after Thanksgiving Bonnie Hunter will post the first step of her new mystery quilt.  I finally got busy quilting my Celtic Solstice quilt from the last mystery.  All except the borders are quilted. 

When I was trying to decide how to quilt it, I looked at some online.  I did not like the look of ones with an overall quilting design so I planned FM point-to-point designs.  I hope you can see a little in the next 2 photos but the thread does not contrast greatly.  

I had a few problems with thick seams so my quilting will not win any awards but I like it better than an overall pattern.

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