Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bowl Heat Protectors or Pot Holders

      In the past couple of months I have seen several microwave potholders made by friends.  I decided that I wanted to make a few and did a search on YouTube.  I found a great video lesson from fashiontopping.  Of the 3 sizes shown, I made 2 of the 10" smaller size offered.

I found them easy to make and plan to make more.  I have already given one away. 
I started with 2 - 10" squares of fabric and  2 - 10" squares of  100% cotton batting. 
Layer a piece of fabric with each piece of batting and do simple quilting to hold the layers together.
Sew the darts for the size chosen. 

15 " x 15 " size bowl holders: I used 1 " across and 3 " down for the darts
12 " x 12 " size bowl holders: I used 1 " across and 2 1/2 " down for the darts
10 " x 10 " size bowl holders: I used 1 " across and 2 " down for the darts.

Place right sides together and sew around, leaving an opening to turn inside out. 
After topstitching around the edge, it is finished. 

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