Friday, September 26, 2014

Saving Water Soluble Stablizer for Machine Embroidery

     This week has really flown by with Comfort Sew day Tuesday for GC Quild and I substituted for the beginning sewing teacher at MTC.  Wednesday my church quilt group met to work.  Members were working on a variety of different projects.  I put the Indian applique blocks on the design wall and pieced one Seminole block with 2 fancy strips and several plain spacer strips.
It is going to look great.

     Today I finished making a Georgia cheerleader outfit for my granddaughter’s Halloween costume this year.  

      Since I had my embroidery module attached to do the Georgia G, I decided to do more machine embroidery.  For several years I have had a set of tan napkins waiting for embroidery.  I used water soluble stabilizer, but to save, I pieced scraps.  
          Here are the holes left on a used piece. 

Next I place pieces between parchment paper and iron to set the pieces together. 

After it cools, I have another usable piece of stabilizer. 

     I embroidered the leaf motif on 10 napkins in 4 fall colors so instead of using 10 sheets of stablizer, I was able to recycle and reuse 3 or 4 sheets. 


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