Monday, August 11, 2014

Cloth Doll Weekend

     I spent a long weekend visiting my sister Irene.   She quilts but this time we had our own cloth doll workshop.  Irene has made various dolls before and had a couple of books on cloth dolls.  We used a pattern from Cloth Doll Workshop by 3 designers.  We chose a doll pattern by Patti Medaris Culea.  In the photo you can see one of Irene’s finished dolls and our 2 in progress. 

      Even though we started using the same basic pattern, we used different fabric styles.  I
used an upholstery trim for hair.  Here I am hand sewing it on.  

Here her body is finished.
Now she has on an outfit and shoes.  I used parts of old t-shirts for her shirt and pants.   I might give her earrings and paint her fingernails.  

       This was my first cloth doll so I learned a lot.  There are things about her that I don’t like ( the angle of her head) and I will do some differently next time.  I used many of Irene’s supplies so I need to gather my own to make another on my own.

     Now maybe I will get back to quilting projects for awhile. 

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