Thursday, July 31, 2014

Plan for Strings and Scraps

      While I was out of town I enjoyed some leisure time sewing and came home with 36 string blocks that will finish at 6”.   Yesterday I started wondering how to use them.  At first I thought of using them as a quilt border.

Or maybe use them to make larger block units.

     Then I remembered a quilt in Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling which she named “Wild Child”.   I worked in EQ and now have a plan for my string blocks - not necessarily the border colors. 
 I made 6 more so that I now have 42 which is all the string units I will need for a queen size bed quilt 84 by 96” with simple borders.
I made enough scrappy HSTs to piece one block.  Victoria F. Wolfe calls the block an “Anvil”.
 I will need to make 420 HST units to complete the 42 anvil blocks which will be a good leader/ender project. I'm in no rush to finish but it is great to have a plan for them.  I have plenty of other UFOs I need to work on.

As I trimmed up my string blocks, I put the scraps aside for pet bed stuffing along with scraps of batting.

I have finished one such pet bed.  That is a much better use than throwing them in the trash.

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  1. Love the colors. String blocks are excellent to use up scraps.