Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beginning Sewer and String Piecing

      I arrived home to find part of my street being paved 
and my home AC not cooling, but my trip was great.  I enjoyed spending time with my granddaughters and found time to give the older one a couple of sewing lessons. 

First she practiced stitching following a stripe on printed fabric.  Then she made a sundress for a doll.  It required 5 seams.  I ran the foot control most of the time.  She used a pattern to cut out the pieces, marked the armhole, sewed the seams and inserted the ribbon in the neck casing.

    When I had my own time and was not needed to take care of the girls, I enjoyed some string piecing.  The blocks have not been trimmed yet but I made 36 blocks that will finish at 6”.  I have plenty of strings left to make more. 

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