Monday, June 2, 2014

FMQ on Comfort Quilt

        The appliqued heart comfort quilt is finished.
It was made mostly from donated fabric.  The fabric appears to be rather old fashioned.  The construction was not following any pattern but using fabric that SQG had that went together.   I am most pleased with the Free Motion Quilting on it.  Here is a close up of several of the feathers around the quilt. They don't show up great because I used cream quilting thread on the pink background.

 These were stitched with only marking the spine.  I did practice on plastic to build muscle memory first.  Here are a couple as I planned and practiced.

Next is the center feather motif quilted. 

I hope you will try some FMQ. I will be teaching a class in the fall at Midlands Tech- Harbison campus.

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