Friday, May 2, 2014

Piecing and Time for Yard Work

    I have 35 crumb blocks that finish at 6 inches. 
I played with the layout until I liked it; hopefully no similar blocks close to each other.  Yesterday I started adding sashing and cornerstones and got a lot done.

          Today has been yard work day so far.  I cut back some azaleas and found many limbs on the ground had rooted so that there are now multiple plants were a few use to be.  Some of the rooted plants are several years old.  I hope to move a few to another location.  I will pot some smaller ones for now and maybe have some to give away.   It was difficult to trash limbs with roots.   I must be doing something right for them to root so easily.  I hope you can see all the small plants around the older plant. 

   Tonight I have 2 students for a one night class at JoAnn Fabrics on sashing, cornerstones and borders so maybe I have a couple of photos tomorrow. 


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