Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sew Day for SQG and a Finish

       We had a good sew day for my church quilt group although we missed a couple of members. Gail finished sewing her borders onto her Lone Star. 

After I helped her sandwich it, we worked on jellyroll quilts.  Here Gail is choosing 40 - 2 ½” strips. 

Beverley is sewing her strips all together in one long-----string. 

Bonney is working on the next phase of sewing.

Here all her strips are sewn into a top about 48 by 62”.  She plans to add a border to make it larger. 

It was time to pack up and I had not finished sewing the first 800 inch seam.   After returning home, I went back to work on sewing mine ( with a few distractions ) and a couple of hours later it is finished.   I may also add a border but that will wait until our next sew day.

Greater Columbia Quilters plan to sew jellyroll quilt tops next Tuesday after the general meeting.  For that event my 40 strips are all ready sewn together in one long strip so I will see how long it takes but I don’t plan to race.  Missouri Star Quilts has a couple of jellyroll quilt Youtube videos and there are also others on the web. 
Yesterday I finished quilting and binding the scrappy lizard comfort quilt for GCQ.

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