Friday, January 10, 2014

More Celtic Solstice Progress

     After spending most of the day on the road and visiting a sister and cousin who have both had surgery recently, I returned home safely in a terrible rainstorm and settled down to piecing on my Celtic Solstice “54 - 40 or fight” blocks.

I worked on them yesterday also and I stopped this evening with only have 5 more to piece. 

     Next I have to finish the “Birthday Girl” blocks.  When checking out photos from Bonnie’s Link Up Party this week, I saw that several quilters have made the small change of rotating the chevron pieces so that a star is formed.  I like it.  

Kari has played with both options and color choice.  The combination adds a special look.  You can check out her options here.   I think I will make both types of blocks with the chevrons.

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