Monday, January 6, 2014

Celtic Solstice Progress

   Since Bonnie surprised me New Year's Day by posting the final step for the Celtic Solstice Mystery, I have sewn a few blocks together ( no rows yet) and am taking my time to match seams as well as I can.

I love the kaleidoscopic look for the final quilt.  I planned to make the small version but am considering extending it to fit a Queen size.  Last night I read about a lady who already is.
I've got a lot more sewing to do so I better get busy.

You can check out more about the Celtic Solstice Mystery and see the variety of color pallets others are using.  I am amazed at how much so many have accomplished.


  1. This is beautiful! No doubt a Queen would take a LOT of piecing. Heading over at your suggestion to see the other color combo's.

  2. I love the Kaleidoscope look too. Keep sewing and stay warm!

  3. Slow and steady, using lots of pins! I love seeing all the colorways over on FB. Lots of changes to the design also.

  4. I just came over from Pinterest to say that you have a magnificent way with color! Truly a gift. thank you for sharing!