Monday, November 4, 2013

More Quilting

     All the micro-stippling in the 12 trapunto blocks is finished.  It was great practice doing it over and over again and did get easier.  I can’t say I am good at it though.  I am still using this quilt to practice my FMQuilting. In the 16 patch blocks I have quilted a grid on-point.  Next I plan to try quilting the cathedral window pattern and I will get to practice 12 times. 

     GC Quilters is having another UFO challenge for the year beginning in November.  I have turned in my list of 16 but could have listed more.  Six are finished tops that have been waiting for several years to be quilted.  I hope I will do better than I did with my list for this year.  I frequently started and finished a new project before I finished one on my list. Quilting seems to take more dedicated time.  

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