Friday, November 29, 2013

Free Formed Feathers Plus

      Recently I have been practicing free-motion feathers marking only the spine. Leah Day has a feather filler that looks really interesting, but I have not tried to fill a large area with multiple feathers, only triangles in my Pina Colada quilt.   

A couple of days ago I luckily found Angela Walters’ photo tutorial for sketching feathers
I loved the look of her feathers which appear similar to Leah’s, only larger.  I wanted to try some on my lonestar quilt.  First I practiced on paper and plexiglass placed over the area of my quilt where I wanted the quilting.

This morning when I checked my email, I read about viewing free videos by Sharon Schamber at “The Quilt Show”.  They are free this holiday weekend.   Her work is much more detailed but I decided to try some on this same quilt. 
Episode 1 - Longarm and Domestic Eastern Henna Stipples (Heart and Butterfly)
Episode 2 - Longarm and Domestic Eastern Henna Feather (Layering Your Design)

I am mostly pleased with the quilting and will quilt more of the free-motion feathers on other quilts when appropriate. 

Hope you check out these resources and add these designs to your quilting repertoire.
Maybe tomorrow I will quilt the border and have this quilt ready to bind. 

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