Wednesday, October 9, 2013

SQG Sew Day

    Today was sew day for my church quilting group.  We were few but enjoyed the time together.  Bev sewed labels on and turned in 2 finished.  Most of the ladies in our group have used the Pina Colada pattern from Fons and Porter.  Here is Beverley's finished.

I pulled a bunch of orphan blocks and Beverley volunteered to put them in a quilt.  Here is her finished work.

Now many of us are working on a 4 color Lone Star quilt.  I continued sewing on my strip sets and got all the sub-
units cut.  Here is what one large diamond laid out.

We discussed things this pattern requires and one strongly mentioned was time for accuracy.  I plan to take my time sewing the large diamonds together and I have a Halloween costume and baptism dress to make so it may be awhile.

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