Monday, October 21, 2013

Lone Star Top Finished

      Today was a great day to finish up several projects.  My Lone Star top is done and looking good.

The background fabric has dots which don't show up in this photo.  It looks like large plain areas that will benefit from some special quilting.

A friend recently asked me again about how I cut my borders so they are not wavy so when I had the lone star laid out I took a photo to show.  I measure through the middle with 2 border pieces together and cut them that length.

I need to find 4 yards for backing unless I decide to piece together smaller pieces. The quilting will wait at least a week. Several ladies in our church group are following the same pattern from Eleanor Burns. It will be interesting to see how different they turn out.  This small lone star was not too difficult so maybe I will try a larger one before too long.

   I also took a little time to machine sew binding to the tops of 3 doll quilts.  Beverley said she would help hand sew the back of the binding.  These are ones that I pieced and members of  my FMQ class quilted.
They will be matched up with dolls or stuffed animals for a child to love.

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