Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pine Burr Trivet

    Last night I was looking for a quick project to work on.  I remembered months ago seeing a photo of a pine burr quilt and the directions.  I saved them thinking it would be a good use of scrap squares.  Here is a photo from those directions.  The Pine Burr quilt has been named the official quilt of Alabama. 

    I pulled out my scrap bin of 3 ½" squares, cut a muslin foundation and batting.  Each square of fabric gets folded twice and pressed into a small triangle ( Prairie Point style ) so it is 4 thicknesses of fabric.  I only added 6 rounds and decided to finish a different way.  I can NOT imagine a whole block, much less a whole quilt, being made this way even without the batting.  There are sooooo many overlapping layers of fabric to sew through. On mine I had also added a piece of heat resistant batting so it would make a protective trivet.  I’m pretty sure this will be one of a kind. 

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