Monday, August 12, 2013

Just Cutting and Marking

      I am scheduled to teach a new class for JoAnn Fabrics where the project is a quilted hexagon pillow.  So today I pulled fabric to make the class sample and check out the directions.  It is good that I did because a minor change needs to be made in the cutting instructions.  Here are my hexagons laid out in a pattern.  I probably will try a bit more random pattern before I start sewing them together.  They will be trimmed down top make a 16" pillow top.

      I am home from GA for a couple of weeks but am still living with kitchen items all over my house so I been avoiding a lot of quilting.  Last night I pulled out my "Pina Colada" top and marked a quilting design in the largest blank areas.  I hope to sandwich it tomorrow and start the quilting soon.

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