Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Piecing and Quilting Progress

      My yard has been calling me so I have spent several hours a few days trying to bring it under control.  Then I relaxed in my sewing room.  I have finished piecing the "Pina Colada" top.  It is 60" by 72" so fairly large.

There is A LOT of light background because of the extra strip top and bottom to make it rectangular.   Because the pattern sample used a batik, it was not obvious how dominate it would be.  I may have to plan some special quilting for the large light areas.  The very large star in a star in a star was simple to piece and even the HST border was not difficult using 6" finished HSTs. If I use this pattern again, I think a busier print would be better for the background fabric because of the large areas.  The corners also bother me.  I followed the pattern but may change them.

I have also quilted 2 children's comfort quilts for GCQ.  Today I tried out a couple of  different FMQ designs.  Here is one frame quilted using a kind of ray design

Here is one frame where I quilted sort of bananas or half feathers.  I used white thread on white so I know you can't see it well, but I did not want to in case it did not look good.  Sometimes I use charity/comfort quilts for practice.

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