Monday, June 10, 2013

ADDQ - Attention Deficient Disorder for Quilters

     I took some time to make myself a summer dress using an old favorite pattern.  I need some more new clothes and I HATE to shop.

     While looking for something I came across 6 leftover squares and decided to make bear claw blocks with them.  I have had some Thangle papers for some time so I used them to make HSTs.  They are convenient because these use 2 ½” strips to make 2” finished HSTs.  With the light fabric next to the paper, they easily press toward the dark and finish. 

I forgot that each square creates 2 finished HST squares so I ended up with twice what I needed for the 6 blocks and have enough for 12 blocks.  I put that away for another day. 

    My Leader-Ender project has been squares of light and dark basic colors.  I decided I had enough twos and started putting them together for rows of 4.  I could not stop there so put together 16 patch blocks.  I have 15 finished and 3 more half done.  

My original idea was to make a “16 patches and pinwheels” quilt I have seen several places.  This is my EQ plan for what it might look like.

 I also played with another option.

I have put my 16 patch blocks on hold for now.  I have too many other projects that need attention.   I am collecting boxes to pack up my kitchen for remodeling.   That will be a job but I’m looking forward to a beautiful new kitchen.


  1. Hi! Did you ever finish this one? I'd love to get the pattern. It is such a beautiful design.