Sunday, May 12, 2013

Playing with Strings

    This weekend has been a lot of family time with company in town for a niece’s college graduation.  We had a great day Saturday.  I spent a quiet Mother’s Day string piecing with breaks for short chats and visits with family.   I finished another string spider web block; that makes 4 so far.  I want 12 so I have a good bit more to sew.  

     As leaders and enders, I started some more half log cabin string blocks and finished up 5 more.  These are fun to piece when you don’t want to worry about seam allowance.  I don’t even care about the width of the strips until I get close to the finished size I want.  

    I am finding that my tub of strings is running low on warm colors.  I may have to actually cut some fabric to create strings.  All I have so far were left over from projects. 

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