Thursday, May 2, 2013

Butterfly Trapunto Finished

    The butterfly small quilt is finished.  It is my first sample for the trapunto class I will be teaching in October at Midlands Tech.

After stitching the butterfly motif with extra batting, I decided to stitch the background in a ½” grid.  I had to mark it and with the trapunto already done, it was difficult.   I learned when you think you might want to stitch a grid for a background filler, you need to mark it when you mark the design for the trapunto.

Also, for marking I used a Dritz fine point Mark-B-Gone marking pen (blue) which I have used many times before with no problem.  In the past I would just spritz the marks and they disappeared.  This time after wetting them a couple of times and having them reappear, I put the small quilt in the washer full of water to soak and spin.  So far, all the blue marks are gone. The quilt is still drying.  The warning says heat will set the blue so I did not put it in the dryer. 

Here is the back.  I like it as well or better than the front. I decided not to add a hanging sleeve so the back will show well.

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