Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Amazing Handwork of Anne Francis

      At the NC Symposium show this past weekend they had a special exhibit of local guild member Anne Francis’amazing handwork .  She does not own a sewing machine and 13 of her bed size hand pieced and hand quilted works have won Best of Show awards. She also designed them.

Here are a few photos.  If you click on the photo, you should be able to see a larger photo of the quilts.  I'm sorry I did not take closeups of her quilting. 

There were a surprising number of show entries hand quilted.  

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  1. I agree -- I was surprised to see so much hand work in the show last weekend, and I was also blown away by Anne Francis' quilts. Did you see A Harry Potter Story? I took tons of photos for my sons, who have both read the whole series of books.