Monday, March 18, 2013

More Piecing Going On

     Before talking quilting, the smocked dresses arrived and Will shared a photo of the girls trying on their dresses so I can share it here.  I am pleased that they seem to fit well and the girls look happy with them.

    Yesterday I finished piecing all the columns for the simple bargello quilt.  Instead of sewing them together to make the top, I am considering a different method.  Marge Edie, who has written several books on creating bargello quilts, sandwiches the batting and backing, then sews the strips together through all the layers so it is quilted as the columns are joined.  I recently saw this same method (called “Quilt As You Go”) used for a strip quilt pattern from in a free eBook.

     I sewed more on a stack of heart blocks for the JoAnn Fabric sample quilt.  
 I also spent some time planning for fall quilting classes at MTC.  That’s all for tonight.

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  1. Beautiful dresses and beautiful granddaughters! They will be the "finest ladies at the Easter Parade."