Wednesday, December 26, 2012


     I am on a mission to use up orphan blocks and finish UFOs.   I had 2 butterfly blocks left over from a quilt my sister and I made a couple of years ago for a niece.   I decided to make a few more to have enough for a small lap quilt.   I used the sew and flip method to add background and form the wings.  Only problem, I did not pay attention.  After I had trimmed the background away on 8 wings, I found that I had added the large triangle in the wrong corner of the rectangles.  There was no way to correct what I had done so I decided to use them anyway.  Nature is not perfect so why do my butterflies have to be.  Can you pick out the butterflies with the strange wings?  This part is all together.  I plan to add a simple border and I will have another quilt top to be quilted.   

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