Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Progress

    I feel really good about the progress recently to finish up projects and find homes for orphan blocks.  Today I took 3 small quilts to share with my church sewing group.  I also took several orphan block projects.  At church we found 2 green blocks to add for a total of  21and Beverley kindly took home the blue, green, yellow and brown blocks to put together that quilt top. 
I laid out the blue and white blocks at church.  With input from the group, I divided them so Joan took part to make a small quilt and I kept the rest for another small quilt. Here you can see some of them.
      I could not talk anyone into taking the children's blocks so I will work on them sometime.  They also gave me suggestions for the border of my string heart quilt so hopefully soon I will work on that, but probably it will be after Thanksgiving. 

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