Saturday, October 6, 2012

Costume and Paper-Piecing

    I finally feel like I made some progress on my granddaughter’s Halloween costume.  The bodice is together with only one redo for the sleeves.  I bought tulle and organza for different parts of the outfit.  First I cut the sleeves out of the sparkly tulle but did not like how they were sewing up so switched to the organza and they are better.  Sewing on neither is my favorite. The pattern also called for 2 different shades of organza.  I could not find a dark pink.   They only have magenta, which I did not like with the pink, so I chose the sparkly tulle to use in contrast.  Today I hope to get more petals made and the skirt.  She should be an elegant fairy. 

     I have also started on the GCQ last monthly challenge, which is paper-piecing.  I enjoy paper-piecing and was excited when I found a Halloween block in one of my old paper-piecing magazines.  At first glance I thought it would be easy with only 3 subsections.   When I started working on it, I found it actually has MANY more.  Sections A and C are together.  Section B has 13 subsections.  That is my task for today and then I will reveal my finished 12” block.  

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