Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Working on a UFO

    I have not done much sewing recently because of family events.  Saturday was a nephew's wedding.  Today I found a little time.

   Normally I have fabric and sewing things throughout my house.  Because company was coming for a couple of days, I cleared my large cutting mat off the dining room table.  That is where I like to lay out larger projects to cut borders.  Because it was put away I could not work on the borders for the floral pinwheel quilt today.  So what to do while waiting on company to arrive? I found a box containing a UFO project that I adopted. 

      It has hundreds of pieces for flying geese using the “No Waste Method for Making Flying Geese Units”.  If you have never tried it, the following link will download a pdf with directions:

After company leaves, this UFO will go back on the shelf, but it is further along. 

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