Thursday, June 7, 2012

Two Side Borders Appliqued

      Today was the first day this week that I worked on a quilting project.  I am making myself a dressy white skirt and I hemmed some pants for my brother.  After helping Mother with breakfast, I have been a volunteer at my church Vacation Bible School.  It has been several years since I helped and decided to this year.  I assisted in the craft room, which was fun.
      A few days ago I bought a great green thread to use for the machine appliqué.  It is Mettler silk-finish cotton.  I am doing a narrow blanket stitch (1.5 wide). This afternoon I finished stitching all the leaves and vines on the 2 pieces of side border.  Here is a close up.  I’ll take another photo to post after I sew these on.   I am considering adding leaf veins as part of the quilting. 

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